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April 2021 / Fashion

Amazon The Drop: My Collection!

My Amazon Drop collection is now available to shop for only 30 hours!

April 2021 / Fashion

Taking Risks: Life is Long

Taking risks is a large part of having an abundance mindset - it is seeing that there is plenty of time in life to make mistakes and chase dreams. It is never too late to chase your dreams. People always say life is too short and while I agree with the sentiment.. making the most of life

April 2021 / Fashion

Monthly Mantra: Beauty and Abundance

Starting spring off with a new series that I am SO excited about!!! Going to start sharing “Monthly Mantras” on here that you can use as a part of your morning routine. I first discovered mantras and affirmations in college when I read Miranda Kerr’s book, Treasure Yourself. The book is really about self care and having good thoughts -- in it Miranda shares her favorite affirmations. I read this at the peak of Victoria’s Secret when VS angels were EV-ER-Y-THING. Remember the days of watching the fashion show as if it were the super bowl?

March 2021 / Fashion

Workout FAQ & Onesies

I get a lot of questions about my workout routine, so I wanted to gather them all together in one spot for you. I've also been loving workout onesies lately, anyone else? I rounded up a few of my favorites incase you're jumping on the onesie train too.

March 2021 / Fashion


Sharing a few of my favorite swim, coverups & accessories for spring and summer!

March 2021 / Lifestyle

Power To Choose

Lately I have been reading these power to choose books with the kids. So each situation the child is in, they get to pick which decision to make and based off those decisions you see how their day turns out. It really has resonated with the kids but to be honest it actually has had ME thinking even more about it.




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