June 2021 / Fashion

Summer Basics

I wanted some basic tee's that I could easily throw on with shorts, sweat shorts, skirts or even over a swim. I've been loving colors lately... pastel or bright and a great fitting crop!

June 2021 / Lifestyle

My Church Experience Part 2

Doing my last post made me feel so good. I literally feel more like me and I did not expect to feel that way at all - in fact I thought I would freak out and end up deleting my last church post. So thank you for all of your wonderful comments and messages, it made me feel so supported and so understood.

May 2021 / Lifestyle

12 Things

I am so completely obsessed with the Formula One show on Netflix!!!!! OBSESSED with Lewis Hamilton...

May 2021 / Fashion

Made For You Tee

With Amazon's new 'Made For You' option you can find the perfect tee in size you. It's customized to you, simple to make, fast to ship and made in the US.

May 2021 / Lifestyle

Confidence and Being An Introvert

Confidence is one of the hardest things to achieve and I think that is why people often feel threatened by people with confidence. It is one of the things we all want most in life. I have slowly grown in confidence over the last decade and wanted to share some things that have really helped me. 

May 2021 / Lifestyle

Let's Talk About Sex Part One

If talking about things like sex and masturbation makes you uncomfortable - then leave. Like really, leave. Don’t read out of curiosity and then go gossip to your friends about it. I don’t want to see any annoying comments like “this info should be kept private” or “this was TMI” in the comments because now is your warning to click that X button and move right along. 


Summer Basics

I wanted some basic tee's that I could easily throw on with shorts, sweat shorts, skirts or even over a…



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